The plastic pants are back…and self aware this time!

There’s just something about JYP.  While he always takes his craft seriously, it never seems like he takes himself too seriously–especially now that he’s entering his third decade of being a relevant thing in music.  His latest track allows him to poke a little fun at himself while reminding these whippersnappers who the king really is.

Still Alive has a kind of classic pop&B sound to it with its horns and bright and underlying 80’s synth elements.  This lyrics don’t exactly make it a humblebrag (at least, not without the video), but there is a tongue-in-cheek feeling that hovers over the entire track that makes all that confidence that much easier to swallow.  Plus, the man has earned a victory lap at this point in his career.  His vocals are strong but have tinge of age on them as they aren’t quite as smooth as they were when he did songs like Kiss.  He still sounds good though, bounces around with lots of energy, and knows how to make a song get stuck in your head.  You might find yourself repeating the chorus for the rest of the day after hearing this.

It takes 10 years to be a true singer/Takes 20 years to be a true star/It takes 30 years to be a legend…you better school ’em JYP!

Click the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics.