While Behave from his new album, Go, is damn good, it’s this cut from Krizz Kaliko that had us going crazy.

We are so used to the sound of KK’s amazing flow and hard-hitting rhymes that when he announced he was going to do an R&B/pop album, we weren’t sure what to expect.  We’ve heard him drop a few sung lines hear and there and there’s nothing weird about rappers who can sing (Queen Latifah, Wiz Khalifa, Tink, etc.), but there’s also no shortage of rappers who think they can sing and try to fool us with autotune, either.  Luckily, Krizz Kaliko falls into the former group and takes it beyond rudimentary ability by showing that his tone and delivery can be dynamic and deep.

His tones might remind some a little of Cee Lo Green, but there is a versatility in KK’s voice that Green doesn’t quite have.  He can give a depth of feeling that you might never expect.  That’s where Stop The World comes in; a heartfelt and gut-wrenching ballad about the suicide.  Many listeners are so used to hearing Krizz Kaliko be boisterous and fun that the seriousness will take some off guard.  The  lyrics describe someone who just doesn’t see the point in living anymore and is tired of pretending to the world that everything is okay.  At the end, he reaches out to those who are feeling the way he describes in the song and lets them know that the world does need them and that they need to seek a helping hand to guide them through.

We’ve also included to other tracks from the album in the is post.  The lead single, Behave, about a sexual indiscretion and Talk Up On It, which had Krizz Kaliko spitting game to a woman in club.  Go is available in both digital and physical forms.  We really suggest you check it out; this is more than just some novelty project.  Click the shopping cart in one of the audio players to support the artist and purchase.