It’s been a while since we heard from Jeremy Passion, but we are so glad he’s back.  The singer is best known for his YouTube covers, but he has an impressive (but short) discography or original material that he appears about to add to in 2016.

The lead single to that new effort is a track that entreats his lady to imagine the possibilities of them just having the time to spend together and what they could do (in a non-sexual context).  While it seems that they only have the weekend, he’s ready to do anything it means being with her.

The song is very mellow, but it’s also very lush with strong harmonies to fill out a somewhat minimal production.  Speaking of the production, may longtime fans of Passion may be more used to him playing the acoustic guitar as the backbone of his tracks, but he shies away from that this time in favor of a more contemporary styling.  The lyrics are pretty straight forward but have a romantic tone that will appeal to a lot of people.  His vocals stay primarily at an even keel, but he does add some nice adlibs to make things interesting.

Can we get a collaboration between Passion and Jeff Bernat?  The smoothness would abound…