Jeff Bernat is a hard artist to classify in terms of musical location.  While his style is consistently R&B and his language of choice is consistently English (makes sense as he is a California native), we have seen him make moves in the kpop world since 2014.  A few singles of his own and a few features on some other artist’s work have him solidly in the Korean underground, especially now that he has teamed with Crush and

His latest album, In The Meantime, appears to be a Korean release (although we’re not sure what label) but is fully in English and fits in with his discography well.  The mellow R&B/soul of this album makes him a good fit for the current K-R&B scene, but we wonder if he can break through with the language barrier in place.

Whatever the future holds for him, though, we thoroughly enjoyed with project.  It has a nice flow and is a good sit for colder time of year.

And if you want to hear some of his other work, check out Jeff Bernat’s BandCamp page.