Maurice Moore mixes a little smooth R&B with a little bit of dance hall for another outreach to his favorite singer, Kehlani.

Framing as a love song once again, Moore laments about why she hasn’t reached out to him musically (yet).  He seems desperate to get that collab with her and, based on some of the tracks he’s been releasing lately, that’s something we would like to see.

For some reason this track reminded us a little of a Chris Brown song in lyrical structure on the bridges, but it doesn’t feel like style biting as much as it does incorporating a popularized song construction method.  The lyrics themselves do an excellent of framing themselves as a love song.  So much so that it took a second listen for us to hear the “Tsunami” (Kehlani’s imprint) mention in the bridge.  His vocals are nice; showing nice engagement and give off that feeling of “why you missing out, girl?” instead of desperation.

A few more of these and we might start asking for a Kehlani-inspired mixtape from the singer with the last track being the long-sought collaboration.

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