Soulection never goes long without giving us something to vibe to, so we have two new White Labels for you bump.

White Label 017 features producer Sivey, whose music can only be described as fusion jazz with the fusion being house, funk, and R&B.  The tracks are various types of mid-tempo and slow jam, but they all give off a different emotional resonance while having a similar style.

White Label 018 features producer ROM and contains a similar fusion style, but it’s more R&B fusion with elements of pop, jazz, and house.  Mid-tempo but with a little more hype in their core than the Sivey tracks, it’s easy to distinguish these producers from one another despite them having an overarching style that comes from them being in the Soulection collective.

It should surprise no one that both of these producers hail from England.  I think we are seeing the next wave in production (or, at least, the evolution of the current wave) and it seems that R&B might be making a comeback.

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