Leave it to Jay Park to make being salty as fuck sound so good.

We’ve really been liking the loosies that Jay Park has been putting out over the last few months and the latest is no exception.  While this one is Korean, we still get some of that ratchetness that makes his music stand out.

This track has Park initially telling his ex that he doesn’t think about her anymore and has moved on only to confess at the bridge and chorus that he’s still in love with her and misses her.  The standout verse in this song, though, is the second one where he wishes her cramps, the shits, and a cracked phone screen (among other things) when she starts going out with other guys.

The cool thing about this is that, despite the salt, it’s an honest song.  We’ve all been there; when we break up with someone and then realize that we had deeper feelings than we thought and get mad that person has moved on without us.  We try not to let those emotions show, have a few hateful thoughts, and cry into our drinks.  It’s funny and relatable and falls into our growing playlist of Jay Park guilty pleasure tracks.

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