V. Bozeman is done with the man in her life who treats her badly.  She knows her worth and isn’t willing to settle for a man who doesn’t feel lucky to have her.

With beautifully soulful vocals, the singer speaks on the trials and tribulations of her relationship to explain why she is wanting to leave.  It’s not upbeat or cutesy in the way she explains herself; she acknowledges the hurt she feels at the relationship’s end but realizes, for her own peace of mind, she needs to move on.  The way she sings has an almost bluesy quality to it as she pushes all her emotion out in tones that almost sound like she’s speaking but have a clear melody.

Tyrese joins the song as the man she’s speaking to who does all he can to ingratiate himself with her.  But what makes this song a little more realistic than most of this ilk is that he’s trying to make her feel bad for leaving him and not forgiving him for the things in the (not too distant) past.  He promises to clean up his act and make a future with her if she only stays with him.  While the singer’s vocals are good, they don’t quite match Bozeman’s in earnestness of tone, which may actually be purposeful since we can’t know if he’s sincere or not.  The only minus for the song is that it feels incomplete as it fades out right after Tyrese’s second verse; we don’t know if she decided to give things another try or not.

The term ‘anthem’ is overused and not really appropriate here.  Let’s call this song affirmation.