Victoria Monét is trying to get the object of her affection to trust her even though they don’t know each other well.

The interest part of this song is how much information is packed into the lyrics considering the track is just over two minutes long.  She starts off by speaking on how they met and the fact that they may have consummated their relationship too fast.  She also asks for a chance to show that she is more than just a girl out for a good time (although we think that he should have to prove it, too), sighting that she understands him and the hurt in his past.

The sweetest of Monét’s vocals are a selling point and the crux of the song.  She has a sincerity in her tone that makes you want to trust her.  The production by SoufWest is a good match for the song’s theme; being slow and loving without being overly sexy for something that doesn’t require it.  The combination of the lyrics, production, and vocals comes to a lovely trifecta that makes us wish that the song was just a little longer so we could enjoy it even more.