Anthony Lewis is about to drown his sorrows in some strip club love because the woman he loves has left him alone.  Over a smooth and slow hop&B beat, he traverses all the emotions that someone who is recently split from a meaningful relationship might experience.  He wants to get over her by finding someone better, maybe even getting with her best friend; but, he also knows that they are meant to be and just wants her to let him see her again.

This song sticks with you because of Lewis’ vocal delivery against the surprisingly energetic beat.  He lets his emotions switch from cocky and self-assured to vulnerable at just the right moments, giving a song that could have had a flat and confusing message context.  The lyrics themselves are pretty normal for a song like this expect for the direction they take.  Coming from a male singer, especially one so young, this kind of emotional awareness is unexpected.  It’s just the kind of thing that takes a regular song into a new dimension.