We thought that we would have to wait for Brittany B. to give us another full project after dropping Luh Me Good, but we were wrong.

In a freelease that hews closer to a lot of her older work in production style than her last project, the singer gets to the nitty about the issues of her relationship and reassures her man that he’s the only one for her and she’s willing to work to keep it that way.  While we wouldn’t necessarily call this a Valentine’s Day-themed project because it covers more than just the lovey-dovey, it is a nice freEP for people who are in relationships and can handle the honesty of the ups and downs put to really strong songs.

Vocally this set is strong, with Brittany varying her delivery from track to track while still managing to keep a sense of cohesion through the connected themes and beatwork.  The lyrics have a nice playfulness to them so that the more serious relationship issues don’t get to heavy and allow the singer to deliver some good lines without going far afield of the subject matter.  The productions themselves play their part well as support to the songstress but still manage to have their own personality.

You can either download the tracks individually by clicking the arrow in the player or in one package by clicking the button below it.

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