Brittany B. is looking for some good love and is not afraid to say so.  Having her put in specific requests from the man that she is feeling, she lays out what would be a satisfy sexual experience for her.  But even though she is making the requests, the nice thing about this song is that it doesn’t sound like she’s desperate and begging; she’s simply making her desires known and acting on them.

Lyrically, this song actually does a good job of almost completely steering clear of anything that would be too explicit for a wide audience.  The terms a spelled out clearly, but with enough a cognizance of trying to attract a wider audience of listeners.  The song also doesn’t sound like it’s been edited either, so it appears to have been written this way.  Brittany’s vocals are subdued without being dull, adding a sultry confidence to the track that feels mature.  The production is slow without being sleepy and reeks of ambiance and has a personality of its own.

It’s a good track to add to that Valentine’s Day playlist; just put it towards the end for maximum impact.

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