Keaton Smith has submitted a new track and, while it still has that sexy vibe that he presented on Plain Suit, he adds in a different element to finish things off.

In a track that is reminiscent of a Santana deep cut, the Canadian guitarist melds a mixture of Spanish and jazz guitar for something that starts of a little slow but gets interesting pretty fast.  The progression of the track has the instrumentation building and alternating at each phrase, keeping the mood while engaging the ear.  It feels like a journey as you pass different things and look around.

It’s at the end where things get a little hectic.  Adding in a high energy metal riff, Smith takes the song in an entirely different direction.  It’s an interesting finale to the song as the chaotic sounds feel somewhat out of place on the mellow song but, at the same time, creating the rise hinted at in the title.  It has the potential to turn some ears off, but it also has the potential to engage others.

You can download this track for free by clicking the download link in the player.