People sometimes change in relationship; people grow and sometimes grow apart.  That’s what appears to be happening to Kenyon Dixon as the woman he loves is different than when they first got started.

The lyrics of this one are standout.  This isn’t like in Hotline Bling where the complaint is that woman has gone on with her life after a breakup.  This is legitimate concern about the future of a relationship from one of the parties in it.  He comes at if from an adult standpoint, speaking on the fact that this isn’t just another fight that people have when they spend time together; something feels different.

Vocally, Dixon comes across as vulnerable and sincere with a mild delivery that lends to the theme.  The production is mellow and evokes a bit of a Marvin’s Room feel, but with the singer adding a lot more energy to the track.  It’s the kind of song that can be a sleeper hit with listeners because it falls into that range of slow tracks that cover a more than just the sexual side of love.