Devin Tracy has been flying a little under the radar for a while, but his (relatively) new project might get him the attention he deserves.

Coming out in November of 2015, Goodafternoon is a soulful, jazzy collection of tracks with a hip-hop undertone that will make you smile from the first note.  Lyrically solid with songs that will appeal to a wide range of listeners, the singer manages to mix a more modern style with a more classic R&B tone.  His vocals, which are perched on the higher end of tenor, work well with this style and have a soothing sound that makes every song feel good to the soul.  This EP is the kind of music that gives you that burst of energy on a cloudy day while still managing to keep a chill mood.

While all the tracks are good, the last track is a standout due to its creativity.  Given the title of the Bobby Caldwell single of the same name and taking most of its lyrics of the classic track, Tracy switches things up from other who’ve covered the song by changing the production to the Pharcyde Runnin’ sample that Mỳa used for Fallen and mixing it with the chorus for Mary J. Blige’s Love No Limit.  The result is something that fits in well with the rest of the freEP and still manages to have Tracy’s signature despite being a remake.

Click the arrow in the player to download the tracks individually or the button below it to get them in one package.

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