When we posted on Rico just last week, we said that we wanted to hear something a little different from him on what appears to be a push towards a new album release.  Nothing radical, just something that didn’t sound so much like Til The Sun Comes Up to show that his R&B bonfides are what we think they are.  And now we have this.

T.F.D. still allows the singer to give off his sensual vocal vibes but changes up the production and the delivery enough to separate this track from a lot of his earlier work.  It transitions the core elements of the track from Silk to Bobby Caldwell but with a modern twist.

Because we aren’t seeing this track listed among his YouTube tracks yet, we can only hope that this means that we will get a video, slating this as an official release as opposed to a mixtape or loosie.  We have been eagerly awaiting the follow up to The Slow Tape, Vol. 1 and he appears to be off to a good start.