Part of the reason this site exists is because of artists like Elijah Blake.  His latest, Blueberry Vapors, is likely his strongest set to date.

Recorded over the course of 10 days in November of 2015, it seems that the whole point of this project is to just let their creativity fly free and put forward something amazing.  A bunch or artists get together in the studio and just jam and work with no limits or exclusions on what they are trying to do.  There seemed to be a desire to not be lessy trendy and more personally authentic in what was released so that people who listen would say they got a real feel for who the artist is behind the handlers and label criteria for hits.

This has to be one of the most elite collections of producers to come together for a freelease.  Featuring the work of Ryan Tedder, Promnite, DJ Camper, B.Slade, and Mr. Carmack are just some of the names that are attached to this and they did an excellent job of balancing the smoker’s vibe with what it takes to bring in a wider audience.  This is an incredibly solid collection of songs that have solid (albeit not all that deep deep) lyrics, strong production, and entrancing vocals.  This should also show some of these artists that have taken to calling pay albums mixtapes that a lack of quality tracks isn’t the benchmark for mixtape.

Click one of the buttons below the player to download this set.  Also, if you’re interested, check out the documentary about the project below.

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