East-London singer/rapper Hudson East brings a sonically dark but lyrically hopeful freelease to the masses.

Meant to be more a collection of random thoughts that people around his age (early twenties) can relate to, there is an overarching theme of wanting to prove yourself that hovers over every track.  His vocals have a little too much autotune in place, but it balances out in others and he has pretty nice vocal control than those who hover in the not-quite-singing, not-quite-rapping area of music.  His lyrics are straightforward but feel like they convey something deeper about who his is as person this moment.  You get the feeling that, if he had waited six months, this set would have had a completely different sound and personality.

While there are quite a few tracks in his new freelease that remind us a little of Drake in places, most like due to the fact that he worked with producers Syk Sense and RASCAL, we still think Hudson East has something to hear.

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