Taking a step back into her mixtape stance (which, to date, has been her more solid work), Tinashe releases what we assume is the next single for her upcoming album Joyride.  The song details her having the right kind of night with a lover and wanting that burst of energy after lovemaking from him.  The alt. R&B production by Mike Will Made-It is audio watermark heavy in the beginning, but flushes out to a nice sound that feels like it sampled a Missy Elliot track thanks to the ethereal harmonies.  Tinashe’s tone is steady but not boring and add an bottom to the more lilting backing vocals.  The lyrics are simple but solid.

The Juicy J verse is a bit of a mixed bag, though.  While he’s pretty much on theme and he does add a certain amount of energy (no pun intended) to the track, his delivery is a little off for the song overall.  The mood is more seductive than he is capable of pulling off and it’s a distraction from the overall vibe.  It’s a little to much bravado for a song that doesn’t require it.  While it doesn’t ruin the song by any means, it feels somewhat unnecessary.

While her Joyride Tour is going to kick off February 28, the album itself only has a tentative release date of Q1.  We’ll keep you posted on further details.