It appears that Maurice Moore was a fan of How I Met Your Mother.

Starting and ending with a speech by the character Ted about what it means to love someone, Moore speaks to the woman that he has broken up with about how much he is really hurting now that they’re apart.

Unlike some of the other breakup songs we’ve heard lately, this one comes from a place of the true aftermath of a relationship; when that person doesn’t have or need to speak to you anymore.  You get the feeling that Moore (in the song) believed that either she would come begging to be back with him or he would be able to fix things with her after he did what he wanted out in the streets.  It’s interesting to hear him speaking on the fact that only when he believed it was truly over did he find a real reason to change for her.  It’s the kind of honest assessment of human behavior that we don’t always get from songs and, despite its short length, puts them into real and adult terms.

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