One thing about Lenny Harold is that you can never pin down his sound.  Just when you think you have him figured out, he switches it up on you.

His latest track falls squarely in the pop range of his of his releases with it’s more orchestral rock production and minimal runs/adlibs, but it still feels genuine to him as a singer.  About wanting to be with someone so much that you wish you can stop time to make those moments last forever, this track has a strong feeling from the moment you begin listening.  While it is about lovemaking, there is a constant undertone of commitment and love that flows through the words that reassures that this isn’t just lip service.  The lyrics, while lofty, still feels honest to those “perfect” moments with a lover.  Harold’s vocals are the highlight and strength of the track as his delivery makes what could have easily been a generic track by any other artist something to pay attention to.

Click the shopping cart in the player to purchase this track or the EP it’s from.  New Testament: High Mountain comes out January 22 and also contains the song You.