Intended to be the first track from her as yet untitled fifth solo album, Fantasia makes a comeback with a mellow, self-affirming track.

About not having time for the people who want to put in their two cents about her life without knowing anything about it, the American Idol dismisses her critics by saying that her life is on the upswing and going fine.

The production of this track might remind some people who are longtime fans of one of her biggest hits, When I See You.  They aren’t exactly the same, but there is a similarity that can’t be denied.  The lyrics are little repetitive in that she keeps repeating the song’s title in a way that makes it feel like a space filler.  What saves this song from mediocrity is Fantasia’s voice, but even that has been dialed back to match the more mellow production.

It’s not an awful song by any means, but it does feel like you’re listening to Fantasia-lite.  This feels like an attempt at a radio-friendly single and just leaves a lot to be desired.  If she and Brandy somehow managed to switch tracks, we wouldn’t be against it.