Sometimes it feels like the worst things happen on the best days.

The pairing of Adrian Marcel and Jasmine V is not something that we ever really considered, but their new track has us looking at both of them in a new light.  Playing a pair of heartbroken lovers, the duo remind each other of the moment when their relationship was over.  Jasmine V sounds the best that we’ve ever heard her as her vocals seem fuller and richer than on many of her solo tracks.  Marcel also steps up to the plate by adding in a little more emotion to his normal, somewhat nonchalant delivery.

The production of the track works well with the theme as it has a bit of a romantic air and isn’t as down as the subject-matter would make you suspect, adding to the listener’s understanding of the feeling of being surprised by the news.

What we really like about this track is that it lyrically juxtaposes the idea of a beautiful sunny day against the devastation of out-of-nowhere bad news, going as far as to hint that that the beauty of the day made the situation even worse.