We really weren’t expecting this reunion to happen any time soon, let alone today.

It’s been over a year since this trio has released a song and many of us thought, with the status of Jessi’s career as a solo artist,  that we had seen the end of Lucky J.  So imagine our surprise when we saw the femcee promoting this single on her Instagram.

Taking a more serious sounding turn from her solo work, the member of Lucky J take it back to the kind of hip-hop that we fell in love with them for.  The combination of vocals and rapping are pitch perfect (even with Jessi using autotune for segments of her chorus) and mesh in a way that will make you feel like they’ve never parted.  The production of the track is mid-tempo but with a bursting bass that adds an energy more like a faster paced track.  While we don’t have full translation yet, we have a feeling that this is a track about love burning away with time.

We’ll have lyrics for you as soon as possible.