One of the big problems with posting on Cpop, Kpop, and Jpop (at least the way that we do it) is that, for a lot of the songs we like, we find it really hard to get translations.  While we don’t have an issue posting about the occasional track without having lyrics to back up how we feel, we do realize that doing this over and over again would run counter to what we do here.  There is also the issue of the fact that, usually, CJKpop artists tend to drop the first single, the album, and the video all about the same time.  While we do occasionally post album streams here, it would be nearly impossible to post every on every interesting track.

So, with that in mind, we have decided to let you in on some of the tracks that may not have gotten as much attention as they deserved this year.  Many of them, thanks to the passage of time, have now been translated so we will provide lyrics where available.

Lyrics were provided by Kpoply, pop!gasa, KLyricsToday, and Korean Aesthetic.