This is the Busta Rhymes that so many of us have missed.

One of things that can happen when an entertainer get to the same point in a successful career as Busta Rhymes is that he can, for the lack of a better word, lose the hunger.  They’ve already proved themselves and can spend the time making music that is more mainstream popular and building their brand.  Not that this happened to Busta; he managed (for the most part) to keep his fire and raise his status.  The only thing that can said to have changed was that he didn’t seem to be putting in as much effort into his official releases as he used to; the energy seemed to have diminished.

The saving grace for him has been his mixtape series, The Conglomerate, and now The Dragon series.  Into those he seems to be putting all of his creativity and effort and it shows.  The latest project has the veteran rapper teaming up with (and taking verses from) rappers across two musical generations to showcase one of the best hip-hop mixtapes to come out in 2015.  His flow is strong, his lyrics are solid, and the production is varied and backs up the momentum of each track.

BTW, if you’re wondering about the significance of the title, back in December of 2013 Busta Rhymes did the first installment of this mixtape series with Mos Def and was called The Abstract And The Dragon.

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