Over the holiday weekend, Tory Lanez dropped two mixtapes that showcase different sides of himself.

Chixtape 3 starts off with an intro of Lanez talking with a friend over the beginning of Donnell Jones’ You Know What’s Up and the retro samples continue throughout.  Displaying his R&B persona, the songs are loosely tied together through his trials and tribulations after messing with a girl names Keisha but, overall, the songs are pretty stand alone.  Despite that though, each track is well produced and fairly well written.  The biggest issue is that the vocals are soaked in autotune for more than half the content and the flow of the delivery can make a few of the songs seem similar.  It’s still a pretty good listen though and worth a download

The New Toronto has Lanez on his hip-hop grind as he raps with some solid club tracks.  While it’s not a bad listen, getting through the first few songs will make you realize that a lot of the tracks are taking inspiration from WATTBA and have a pretty distinct Future flare.  The bars are solid and the tracks are nice, but it’s hard to look past that element.  We will give Lanez credit, however; it feels like he put more effort into these tracks than Drake did into his.

To get both freeleases in one package, click button directly below.  To get the mixtapes individually, click one of the buttons below the respective player.

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