Serving as both a reintroduction to fans after going back to his stage moniker (from his birth name Leigh Bush) and a precursor to his upcoming 2016 album, Blue Orchid, Sammie has but a free, streamable album.

The tracks of Indigo are focused around different aspects of love and relationship with the bulk of the impetus being put on finding and keeping love.  The bulk of the tracks might remind longtime listeners of the crooner of his seminal freelease, Insomnia in that they are well constructed and create a mood.  The lyrics range from the ratchet to the prescient, offering different tracks for different moods.  His vocals are strong and offer good dynamics relating the subject of the song he’s singing, making it easy to listen from start to finish.  The production, while slow to mid-tempo for every track, is varied enough to stop the songs from running together.

It’s interesting to hear the growth in Sammie as an artist from the time he debuted to now.  He has followed a track that has kept his music accessible to the longtime fans while managing not to stay stagnant when it comes to his style and subject matters.