araabMUZIK knows how to craft a beat.  Whether it’s a freebie for fans who have missed his sound (and some of his loosies) or, like this, done to promote is new cross venture (between AKAI & Muzik Headphones), you are sure to hear something that will get you moving.

King is a return to AM’s more dynamic style of production.  While each instrumental has a cycle that would make them work as backing tracks for an artist who wants to use them, he has gone back to adding those techno-styled variations from bar to bar that switches things up enough to keeps instrumentals of this length interesting.  He tends to gravitate toward a darker, harder sound but the inclusion of the track Penthouse is a nice break from the more robust beats.

If there is a joining theme to these tracks its that there is an overarching Arab/West Indian feel to each one that separates these from many other beats out there.  You might find that, by the end, you are surprised at how quickly everything went by and hit the repeat button.