Chicago-situated producer Monte Booker brings us the latest Soulection White Label set and it’s a good listen.  One third of the Zero Fatigues trio (the other two members, Smino and Ravyn Lenae provide the vocal accompaniment for two tracks here), the 20-year-old seems to have an ear of someone twice his age as he fuses more classic themes into a more modern musical sensibility.

Speaking on his creative process, the producer said, “While creating this White Label I was definitely influenced by lots of jazz – primarily because of how innovative it is, electronic sounds and Flying Lotus.  In fact, Flying Lotus should just be a genre at this point.”

Anyone who has been following our posts of the Soulection-connected artists know that they are in for mellow-infused hip-hop/R&B beats that still manage to keep you listening like they are the most hype songs ever due to the way they are crafted and the energy the give off.  You will get that here, as well.  Besides including the first vocally-assisted tracks that we can remember from this series, he also does good service with a sample of Mad World (we assume the Gary Jules version) and changes the  ballad into a something that keeps the contemplative spirit but changes the perspective from inward to outward.

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