We have bit of a soft spot around here for hip-hop love tracks that speak on relationships in real and honest ways.  Not the ‘thugs need love, too’ vibe or the tracks that get too flowery; just the ones that speak on two people who have a deep feeling and loyalty to one another and are willing to work for each other and not just for themselves.  D-Money brings us that sensibility in Gangsta.

One of our favorite things about this track is that it’s not a story as much as it is a statement of facts.  She hold him down and he holds her down; no if, and, or buts about it.  His flow, while laidback, is a good fit for both the beat and the subject matter.  The lyrics are pretty good, only devolving into money brag once but still managing to stay on topic as he makes it about all the things he wants to do for her.  It’s the kind of track that sneaks up on you with its quality and becomes a bit of an earworm.

We are curious to hear more from the singer, D. Golder.  He has a kind of vocals quality that makes him interesting to listen to without him having to show out so much.