We kind of expected this to happen.

While his freeleases have always arrived on time with a minimum of muss and fuss, Eric Bellinger’s pay album releases are an exercise in fan anticipation and anxiety.  When he announced that Cuffing Season, Part 2 would be out today, we were hopeful but skeptical…and we were right.  Yesterday afternoon on Instagram, the singer posted a series of messages that told fans that, despite his best efforts, his new album wouldn’t be coming out today.  As consolation, however, he is offering part two of another of his projects, In The Meantime.

Judging from the fact that the three songs aren’t downloadable, In The Meantime, Part 2 looks to be comprised of tracks from the upcoming album, similar to his Birthday Gifts drop earlier in the year.  Judging by what is being offered here, we’re guessing that Cuffing Season, Part 2 will be less focused on his monogamous relationship and have more general topics.  The range here is from happy, homebound relationship in Chinese Food & Netflix (which we don’t suggest you listen to hungry), to wanting to get that sexy stripper alone in Privacy, to the loyalty of your friends in Squad.  There are two slow jams and a mid-tempo here, but all are enjoyable (although the amount of autotune still has us worried) and it will hold fans over for a couple of week until the full release (we hope).

Also…Squad needs to be longer.

Cuffing Season, Part 2 will drop December 4.