Our new submission is an oh-so-good track that shows us how good R&B can touch the emotions.  Mickey Blue’s soulful and seductive voice sounds like someone whispering in your ear that he will be yours until the end of time.  He keeps the adlibs out of it and the effect is perfect because it makes it sound like he’s telling you straight out what he’s thinking.  The production seems to take elements from Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train, H-Town’s Knockin’ Da Boots, and Aaliyah’s One In A Million for something that is so ridiculously sensual that the heat rises before the singer gets to the chorus.

The lyrics actually seem to have a two-fold meaning.  He could be telling his fans to ride with him because he’s going to make it in the industry no matter how many roadblocks are put in his way.  He also could be talking to a woman and telling her that he will do whatever it takes to make their love work should she choose to be with him.  Either way, we love what this track is about and how it is framed.  We can’t wait to hear more from Blue.

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