Robin Thicke grabs Nicki Minaj and the two hop on the 80s train for the oh-so-replayable Back Together.  No; this isn’t another ode to Paula.  This is about a man who’s addicted to the good lovin’ his woman was dishing out and just wants some more.  The lyrics are that mix of flattery and what-did-he-say that Thicke is famous for (with his longterm fans) as he slides in lines like I want to live between your legs.  The singer brings his throwback vocals to the track and it is a strong fit for the mood and pacing.  Nicki’s verse is what you expect from her as she hits her usual themes, but she still has energy and is on concept with her rhymes.  This will likely satisfy both the people who were with him from the start to those who only really know him from Blurred Lines.

This is the second single from Thicke’s upcoming album, expected out later this year.

There is an intro in the beginning that belongs to the person that posted the track.  The song officially starts at 0:26.