Jermaine Riley has decided to give us our refix fix along with some new material with his pseudo-compilation release.  Featuring a remix of his track Bae along with his take on hits by Fantasia, Chris Brown, and Eric Bellinger, this collection is satisfying from beginning to end.  With fun club tracks like his take on Bryan J’s Caught Up (called Satisfaction here) to nice love songs like I’m Your Now, there is something for every mood and every person.

Riley’s vocals on each track match the mood (although we detect some unneeded autotune in a few places) and the varied production on even the original tracks will keep most listeners engaged without making them feel like the have sonic whiplash.  The best part is that even the refixes have solid lyrics that are not just mild alterations of the original tracks but all-new versions, showing us what else could have been done with the productions.  A great match for his earlier work while still showing growth, this was worth the wait.

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