UK talent Jermaine Riley has released two tracks in the lead up to the 2015 release of his fifth solo project.

The first samples Zapp’s Be Alright (which was sampled for Tupac’s Keep Your Head Up) and is about the person who makes you so proud to be with them that you want the entire world to know.  The track’s jazzy feel is aided by Riley’s scatting adlibs and the vocals on the chorus.  The way that he sings the title of the song will make most people’s ears perk up.  Add to that the fact that the song is not so much about her outer beauty as it is about the way her inner beauty affects him, and this is a winner.


The second track, Wow, has Riley waxing poetic about meeting a woman so amazing that everything in his life comes into focus like…wow.  The production for this one has an updated early 2000’s feel as it doesn’t have the same dark sounds as many of the alt. R&B tracks that are becoming popular now do.  Riley’s voice is really what sells the track as his delivery is emotional and strong.  Along with simple but descriptive lyrics, this track and the previous one are signs of something good to come from this artist next year.