Last year about this time, Ta-ku gave us Songs To Break Up To, a collection of melancholy tunes that focused around the dissolution of a relationship.  This time, we get a collection of tracks that are about trying again in the face of adversity on his new EP, Songs To Make Up To.  The first single from the set is Love Again, which features the vocals of JMSN in probably one of his strongest performances to date.  Over a piano-driven track with violins in the background, JMSN sings about the risks of loving someone and whether or not it can be worth it.  The lyrics are strong and poetic, not explicitly saying what they mean but being clearly understood.  The mellowness of the track is enhanced by the strategically placed harmonies that build the emotion throughout.

Producer Sango contributes a little something at the end that comes out of nowhere, but fits right in with the mood overall.

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