It’s bad enough that The Perfect Red Velvet is still ringing in our ears and on our playlists because it’s such a well-crafted album; now we have to pester SM to release a new version of a song that we were just starting to get out of our heads.

The members of Red Velvet are up at KCon New York and, of course, you know they had to shut the show and the bad boys down.  Everything is normal–Wendy is killing the vocals and Irene is slaying the visuals with everyone else occupying a space in between–and this is a solid performance by the ladies…until the second verse come in and they drop the English lyrics.  This is not an Every Heart situation where the English lyrics were put into an internet translator and sung as is.  It is very clear that the song was rewritten with similar but coherent lyrics that take into account phraseology, idioms, and the girl crush theme the song was going for.

Having listened to this a couple of time, there’s no doubt in our minds that this version of the song was written by Charli Taft.  If you’ve heard some of her original songs, you can recognize her style of writing immediately.  You can also detect some of her production chops in other songs on the album and she has worked with the ladies in the past.  The big thing for Taft is that she doesn’t speak Korean (at least, not fluently) and doesn’t read it, so she doesn’t always get writing credit for songs that she helps shape the lyrics for.  This song was likely a part of her demo for this track and now we get to hear it come full circle.

If SM doesn’t release the studio version of this track, we are going to organize a class-action suit.

Note: Sorry about the poor quality; this is only version we could find that had the full song.