Luke James is the definition of underrated.  As much as people shout him for both his acting and vocal abilities, he can (almost) never seem to gain traction with his singles.  We are hoping that this time is different because this track…

We thought that Drip was the track that was the spiritual successor to Make Love To Me, but this one has more of the vocal aspects in common.  The way James traipses the scales with ease in this track are something to marveled at.  The way he goes from bass to tenor to falsetto and back again without seeming to need a breath or a break is something few singers can accomplish.  There is so much soul in his tone that you get swept up in his vocals before he can finish the first few lines.  The interesting thing is that he starts and pretty much stays at the same level of delivery throughout the song.  You would think things would amp up as you reach the “climax,” but he starts out at about a 7 and stays there throughout, giving us beautiful adlibs and runs all the way through.  This could have made the song overwhelming, but it really just brings you in and envelopes you, making the decision work for the theme.

There are a lot of the classic roots of R&B in this track as the production has more than a hint of the gospel backbone that made base of some of the old school hits that have lasted through the years.  The most obvious aspect the organ that makes itself more obvious in the background of the verses than in the intro, but it is the flow of the song in general that pays homage to that style of R&B that made its way from the pews to the streets and upset the old folks when they heard it.

And they would be upset at this one, too, because it is absolutely about sex.  The title, These Arms, had us thinking that this was going to be one of those supportive love songs; one of those tracks that talks about “if you’re weary, come to these arms and let me hold you.”  Instead, he’s starting in the bedroom and describing just what he loves about those intimate moments.  It is both an extremely sexual and sensual song without being explicit, something that will appeal to a wider range of listeners, and stakes its claim firmly in the babymaker territory without apology.  It’s a series of sweet nothings and suggestions made by a man who knows how to phrase things and we have fallen in love with it completely.

No word if this is for an upcoming album or a part of his Star run.  Either way, we just want more of this and soon.  Don’t leave us waiting for another nine months.