Luke James is one of those sings that just can’t seem to catch that break.  His debut album was majorly delayed (either by him trying to perfect it or the label wanting to revamp it) and, when it finally came out, he had lost a lot of the buzz that the awesome Make Love To Me had brought him.  He described and showcased an amazing concept on Whispers In The Dark, but the final product deviated greatly from that and left a lot of fans wanting.  He managed to get a lot of praise for his role in BET’s The New Edition Story, but didn’t have a single ready to capitalize on it.

But it’s a new day and new single is here and we cannot get enough of it.

This is everything that we love about James.  It has those classic R&B vibes, those amazing vocals, and that lyrical stamina that just works so well together.  The throwback seventies production with that deep bass, Eddie Kendricks sample is just amazing and sets the mood right away.  You know you are in for a ride before he even starts singing.

But his vocals are the star because he simply sounds like sex.  It can be hard to say that  in a way that fits the tones exactly, but every escalation and octave dive, every falsetto movement and lingering run, every not comes out so sensual that it just makes you melt into your chair (going nicely with the theme).  He wrings the emotion out of every note and transfers it to you, putting you right in the palm of his hand.

The lyrics are solid.  A good combination of the prosaic, vulgar, and straightforward that leaves little room for an interpretation other than the obvious, but isn’t so average and lackluster that you tune out.

Here’s hoping he’s ready to capitalize on this because this track…wow.