In our last update, we explained how we discovered more about what took down our original stream and what we can do to keep that from happening again in the future.

Well it seems that less that 48 hours after that post went up, CJ E&M Music decided it had enough negative brand association and changed its name to Stone Music Entertainment.

For us, nothing has changed.  We still will avoid posting artists that fall under their purview on our Audiomack stream (except for the most anticipated albums and EPs).  What has changed is that the company no longer makes its presence obvious when looking up associated labels.  The best way for us to figure out which albums to post has been to use the iTunes copyright labels as a guide; Stone Music Entertainment has removed their name from all projects associated with their company.  Initially, we thought this was due to the name change but, in the three weeks since the change, they have not made the associations known again.  We can still go to their website and check their affiliate list, but that does mean some of the uploads may be slower than anticipated.

The most important part of this post, though, is that we appear to have a firm launch date for our exclusive streaming site.  We have been working on it and have decided that we are going to go live on June 4.  You will initially have to access the site through this one (we will have a dedicated post and menu link to make it easier to find) but, eventually, we will open it up to the search engines and wider public.  The best part is that, as we no longer have to relying on a single streaming service for content, we can bring you all the amazing artists that we couldn’t before because their projects were SoundCloud exclusives or buried under a ton of YouTube search results.

Again, we thank you for sticking with us through this transition and we hope you will be satisfied with what we have coming up.


The Management