Just drop the album and stop teasing us already!

We will never be convinced that good R&B is dead when we are getting jams like this from artists like Lenny Harold.

These vocals are just amazing.  The thing about Harold’s voice is that he knows just how to use it to put a good amount of personality and emotion in everything he does without overdoing it.  It is not hard to overwhelm a song and knowing where that line is kind of an art.  He starts out the song on six in terms of energy and sass and manages to build the momentum of the track without breaking the dial off gives the song the right amount of oomph for the theme without making it seem flat or going down after exceeding the maximum.

The lyrics are solid as well.  The entirety of the track centers around the first meeting and the move to the dancefloor with a hint of possibilities to come without ever explicitly stating so or making it seem like that’s the goal from jump.  This is the kind of song that satisfies a large audience in that it makes those who like the subtle happy but isn’t so lacking in sex appeal that you wonder what the point of it all is.

The production is not what we thought it was going to be based on the title and the opening few seconds.  We thought we were in for a slow jam and the intro of the track confirms that…before the brass kicks in the and the funky guitar lays in with bouncy riffs.  The bassline and the beat ride along together well and give some good variations to the melody when needed.  It does the job of both supporting the singer and being able to stand as its own entity.

This is a song that is perfect for the warmer time of the year but has that air of coolness that brings a breeze with it.  We are sure you can find a spot for this on your playlists.