We chose this as our most skippable track of the album in our review–and we still think that–but the visual element makes a big improvement.

Eighteen members on one stage. There are a lot of ways this video could have not worked. There could have been mass confusion, members could have lost synchronization and thrown off the aesthetic, or a lack of energy could have made the whole thing seem pointless. Instead, we get the best episode of SM Rookies ever and a lot of power to boot.

In many ways, this seems to be what Black On Black was meant for. It has minimal rapping and vocals and exists as an instrument for more than half its runtime. This is an impact dance track and, in that respect, NCT did not come to play.  While this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this performed, you can tell that they have made small perfections here and there to brings out the raw power of the track (all that’s missing is the final growl).  We can’t wait until the official live stage for this to really pop off.

Sidenote #1: Kill everything, Ten!

Sidenote #2: Mark, Taeyong, and Yuta have the benefit of brotherly love because there is no way I would let them stand on me.