Hailing from Saint Louis, JayRone brings some Midwest gangsta to the table with his new entry into the Voice Of A Hustler series.

The production on these tracks is the kind is meant to sound hard but also meant for the club to maximize the listening possibilities.  There are good variations within the beats as they progress from section to section as well as enough difference between songs to keep the listener engaged and from tuning out.  They also do the job of supporting the rapper and giving good atmosphere for his words to really hit their mark.

The most interesting thing about this set is JayRone’s flow.  He tends to favor a steady but semi-rapid flow that brings a lot of energy to the tracks and often matches the production style well.  He can slow it down for the more sing-songy flow, which comes off softer and works with the tracks that he uses it on.

Lyrically, this falls into mainstream styles as he speaks a lot about his hustle, his issues in his relationship, and his life in a more harsh way.  But that just makes this more turn up music and throw down music and it very much has its place, especially with the lyrics encouraging you to release all those pent up emotions by nodding along to this.

One of the reasons that this album mixtape works is due to its length.  While it initially seems to boast ten tracks (which is relatively short), there are four interludes included.  That means that there are only six full-length songs in the set.  It works for something like this because it keeps it from overstaying its welcome and keeps the ideas in it from becoming too repetitive or stale.  It also makes it perfect for a quick listen.

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