MNEK takes a quick break from his songwriting and producing duties and slides in with a strong track for the dance clubs.

His vocals are just the right balance for this kind of track.  He brings an interesting balance of soul and dance/pop elements that give the song this wonderful tone that is strong enough to keep up with the enthusiastic beat but not so overbearing that it brings too much seriousness to the fun atmosphere.  The harmonies are very well placed and the way they fluctuate between being full and being simple undertones keeps the track from becoming too much for the ears.  There are hints of autotune in some places, but it’s so subtle (except in one spot towards the end) that you can wonder if you heard it at all.

The production could easily stand on its own as an instrumental, but works well in conjunction with the singer.  Starting off slow and building as each section of the track comes in, you initially think that there’s nowhere for the song to go after the second bridge, but there is still a lot more to come and the escalation is well times and dials back in just the right places to keep the pulse banging.  One of the reasons it works well is that it incorporates elements of the vocals into itself and uses the human notes to fill itself.  It’s one of those things that shows the skill of the producer and how well they understand music in general.

The lyrics for the track are solid.  While you can point to the fact that there is a lot or repetition in this, you can somewhat dismiss it because, as a dance track, the other elements of the song are meant to make up for a more full story.  You still get an explanation of what is happening, but the repetition helps the theme by making this feel like this MNEK isn’t just having a one-off feeling about someone he just saw…he’s really interested in this person and wants him to know it.

No word if this is going to part of a larger project or just a one-off loosie, but we want more from this singer as soon as possible.