If there is one thing that we can say about CLC is that, with a couple of exceptions, we have really been into their EPs as a whole even if we didn’t love the title track and single.  We still like the EP, but we notice a slight problem with it this time that we haven’t before.

The lack of cohesion is jaw-dropping.

We can’t say that the songs on this set are bad because nothing could be further from the truth.  Three songs–Black Dress, Like That, and 7th–are probably some of the best songs that the group has put out since their revamp and addition of new members.  Even Distance and To The Sky, while not our cup of tea, are not awful and do have a nice vibe to them.  The problem is that the songs don’t sound like they belong on the same project.

To be fair to the group, this has often been the case in the past for them…just on a much smaller scale.  Usually the title track is the one that stands apart from everything else and the other parts of the EP flow together well and have a cohesive sound.  This time around it seems like what we got was actually four title tracks and 7th.  You can make the argument that three of the songs–no matter which three–could work over a longer project, but all five together seem to be going in different directions.  They do have the desired effect of drawing in the listener’s attention and making them focus on the group’s talent, but they don’t form a cohesive unit and can throw them for a loop when going straight through the set.

The ladies sound amazing, though; especially on 7th and Like That.  We get a better feel for them as group that is starting to come into their own.  There is a confidence in all the vocals that appeared in places on previous EPs but really stand out here and makes them shine.  It seems that there may have been more input from the ladies this time around than having their direction chosen for them and that may have been just what they needed to really work the material and give their all in a way that we are eager to see explored.

Despite the cohesion problem, we would still more than recommend EP. This seems like it could be the start of a new era in general for CLC, one where they are able to make themselves stand out from the pack and really come into their own as one of the more dominating girl groups in the genre.

Our favorite tracks are Black Dress and Like That with an honorable mention of 7th.  The most skippable track is To The Sky.