We were not ready for her to come like this!

BoA is a woman now and has been one for a long time and hasn’t been our sweet, little Amazing Kiss baby for a long time and her last album showed that.  Still with her signature style but updated for a new era, the singer showed just why she has managed to have longevity in this industry both in front of and behind the mic.  Even her recent Japanese album, which probably sounds the most like what longtime fans have come to expect from her, still has a lot of growth in it and songs like Crow and Right Here, Right Everywhere take her out of her traditional pop princess mode and show her to be the legend she is.

But did she have to take us out by flipping the script on us like that!

While the total project absolutely sounds like something the singer would put and doesn’t have the tryhard air of chasing trends in its make up, it does have her experimenting with new genres and showing a little more vocal prowess.  BoA has always been confident in her delivery and performances, but this show a kind of comfort with her vocal ability that she hasn’t always managed to exude before.  She takes on adlibs in a way that shows she is really feeling the music and makes herself known without straining and overly contorting.  And while we notice that Chancellor dialed it back a little to give her space (because you know boy can blow), their duet is still delicious and something that showed that the songstress can handle whatever you throw at her just fine.

The most amazing thing about this project is that BoA manages to sneak in a little trap and modern R&B without losing her core sound.  Your Song (which needs a video) and Always, All Ways are probably the most out of her comfort zone in terms of vocal styling sound, but she handles it like a pro, taking her tone down an octave lower bringing in the some sensuality to feed the throbbing basslines and slower, non-ballad melodies.  She also handles the increase in speed as she transitions between traditional melodies to faster trap styling with no discernible discomfort, not overcompensating by going in for the Travis Scott adlibs and letting the rhythm and melody carry her.  We would love to hear more of this from her in the future.

But those who have loved her for so long have no need to fear.  Nega Dola and Camo are also here to give you those strong throwback feels while still keeping things updated enough to connect to a new audience.

Lastly, those who loved Shattered are going to fall in love with the iridescent Recollection, which shows a more adult contemporary side of the songstress and shows that she is dealing with getting older after being a young idol with grace and ease.

We are living for this new EP because we are getting an almost all new BoA in these tracks.  This is the kind of thing that a lot of longtime performers sometimes have trouble doing, maintaining a sense of themselves while still growing and changing with the times.  This is a an EP that sneaks up on you with how much it bops and grooves and is hitting our list of our favorite total works to come out this year.  One listen and you’ll be hooked.

Our favorite tracks are One Shot Two Shot, Always All Ways, and Your Song.  The most skippable track is Nega Dola because, despite how good it sounds overall, it is the most dated sounding of the tracks in the set.