Featuring the vocally scintillating Surrender and remastered versions of his singles Better and Son E Ga, Chancellor finally gives us a little more to sink our teeth into.

You can feel his L.A. vibe coming through every note of Chancellor’s new EP.  He’s got that same thing that Jay Park has when it comes to appealing to American ears; that indescribable vocal quality that’s just hard to duplicate if you don’t come from the states.  His vocals are soulful but he manages to put on a little modern tone for some of the tracks to make them appeal to a wider audience.  Plus this is truly and R&B set; something for the K-R&B fans among us to really get into.  The production is varied enough to keep things interesting and, while mainly focused on love, there’s a little something for the clubs and the fellas here too.

If there is one thing that hurts us is that very little of this project is really new.  Almost every track here was released as a single at some point in time over the last year.  While there is new content, it is very clear that this set is meant to capitalize on the explosion of Murda as a popular single.  Those who come here expecting more of that track’s The Weeknd-esque vibe that song has will be disappointed but, if you’re really into vocals and just good music overall, you won’t be for long.

Our favorite tracks are Surrender, Rodeo, and Son E Ga.  The most skippable track is Better.