Just when we think that H.E.R can’t surprise us any more, she comes out with a track that is both technically strong and emotionally resonant.

The thing that we really love about this track is that it shows of her vocals in a way that we haven’t heard before (on her own projects).  The songstress has always had a voice that is beautiful and manages to give off a spectrum of tone in her tracks, but it this is the most melodic demonstration of her vocals that we’ve had.  She travels up and down the scales with almost no effort.  You can tell some of the higher notes are little bit of a problem for her, but it never sounds bad or wrong, just a little strained in the more dramatic transitions.  There is something about not fixing that with autotune that is admirable and makes the song work that much better because it keeps it grounded in honesty, which is where the central theme of the track comes from.

The lyrics are more than just lame cliche and work as a song from someone confessing a deep and abiding love to someone who may not be aware of their feelings.  Despite a couple of moments where the rhyme scheme breaks, everything flows well and really reflects a kind of earnestness that can be hard to come by in more modern music.  Some of the phrasing reminded us of Marsha Ambrosius (in a good way), especially her more piano-based tracks, but this still feels like a H.E.R original, just in a slightly different vein than normal.

H.E.R just wrapped up her tour and was thought to be getting some downtime in to prepare for her next release.  We don’t know if this track will be on it or indicative of when that next project is coming out; all we know is that listening to this makes it that much harder to wait for it.