Have you ever seen a stage mix?  If not, you’re in for a treat.

Something that we don’t have here in America that I tend to miss are the daily/weekly music shows where artists would come and perform their latest hit(s) for promo.  The best were the chart shows where you could got a chance to see someone perform their track multiple times as long as it was in the top ten (there would be alternation so viewers wouldn’t burned out by one performance for weeks on end).

Korea does still have those shows and on multiple networks as well, meaning that you get to see your faves do the track you love and perfect the footwork and vocals before they do something different for award shows and specials.  You get to pick your favorite among variations in costumes and set.  Kpop fans are sometime so dedicated to their bias group that they put together visual mixes of these performances to show off their precision and style.  The one we saw this week features Red Velvet and gives us a whole new appreciation for Peek-A-Boo.

This particular mix was done by and to say it is a masterwork if editing is an understatement.  There are professional editors who can’t be this precise when it comes to not only matching zooms with movement and positioning, but there is also a matching of facial expressions.  There is on place where the editing is probably not as seamless as it is everywhere else and that is literally due to the quick smile that Irene gives when doing her dance move, so it’s actually something you see happen in non-cut performance.

If you would like to see a lyrical translation, head over to our review of the original track and video.